The Roto VR Chair

The Roto VR Chair

Unlike other motion simulators, the Roto VR chair is small and can be easily moved around the room. Its motorized base enables it to rotate 360 degrees, and its Magical Headtracker clips to all popular headsets for hands-free exploration.

Positron’s chair pods are the exclusive VR theater experience for Le Musk, the directorial debut of Oscar-winning composer A.R. Rahman. The immersive virtual reality film is paired with smells and other haptic effects.

Built-in Haptic Capabilities

When paired with VR headsets, the motion chair is capable of rotating, tilting, rising and falling to simulate the motions seen in video games and movies. This is made possible by built-in sensors that detect the user’s movements and trigger vibration and haptic feedback modules to match.

In a world where virtual reality is becoming increasingly realistic, the ability to physically feel what’s happening on-screen is a huge step in the right direction. The VR Motion Chair uses the latest in haptic technology to give users a more immersive experience and make them feel like they’re actually there.

The chair’s haptic capabilities are provided by D-Box, the worldwide leader in haptic technology. D-Box’s software will automatically encode videos, music and games for compatibility with the motion chair’s haptic capabilities. But users will also be able to enjoy movies and games that weren’t coded for haptics by using special Adaptive Gaming and Adaptive Audio Modes.

Despite the fact that the VR Motion Chair is still in development, it’s already garnering significant interest from backers. As of this writing, the project has over $2.7 million in funding on Kickstarter, and the company hasn’t even reached the halfway point of its goal. This is quite an impressive feat, especially considering that this isn’t the first time that Yaw VR has tried to raise money on the platform.

Enhanced Immersive Experience

VR motion chairs are designed to provide an immersive experience that is unlike any other. They are commonly VR Motion Chair purchased by consumers looking to disconnect from daily stress and fully immerse themselves in a virtual world. They are also popular with gamers and content creators who want to reinvent their favorite titles for live streams and videos.

They have built-in multiple sensors that create vibrations and motions to match up with the video game’s visuals. They can simulate the rise and fall of a virtual object, the movement of water, wind, light, back pokes, leg sweeps, balls, floral fragrance, and surrounding sounds according to the plot of the game. These special effects make the virtual world feel more realistic, and they can reduce motion sickness in players.

Moreover, they can also incorporate a variety of scents to add to the immersion experience. This is a powerful tool for out-of-home marketing, and it can increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, and sales.

Positron’s innovative technology combines high-quality VR headsets with haptics and scent dispensers. It is an immersive experience that captivates audiences and can be found in venues such as museums, theme parks, and shopping malls. With the average ticket price of $20, Positron can quickly break even on the investment, and it has a strong pipeline of high-quality VR content to draw in new customers.

Compatible With Other VR Headsets

VR headsets come in many different forms, from the simplest plastic magnifying lenses and cardboard to more sophisticated versions that rival Mattel’s iconic View-Master. Cardboard-compatible sets are easy to buy, but they don’t offer much interactivity and aren’t meant to be worn for extended periods of time. Some are equipped with positional tracking, which helps mitigate motion sickness by sensing the spatial movement of your head instead of just its direction — but this is an expensive and tethered solution.

In order to maximize your comfort, the SIMRIG Control Center has an option called Motion Compensation. This feature subtracts the rig’s motion from your head movements so ouble VR 360 Motion Chair that your virtual image stays locked in front of your eyes. You can also fine-tune how the axes are compensated by changing the Factor sliders. For example, if you’re using a platform that doesn’t have dedicated sway and surge movements/actuators, you can set the motion compensation to convert sway into roll and surge into pitch.

The VR Motion Chair is compatible with most standalone and tethered headsets. However, it is not compatible with mobile-only systems such as Google Cardboard. It’s important to check compatibility information before buying a VR Motion Chair. You can find more details in the SETTINGS section of SIMRIG Control Center. If you have any questions, you can reach out to the manufacturer directly through its website.

Scent Capabilities

VR motion chairs can also dispense smells to further immerse viewers in virtual worlds. Positron, which recently received investment from JB Capital, is one company that offers scent capabilities in its cinematic VR chair called Voyager. The firm’s library of 78 scents includes a mix of evocative and mundane choices, such as the tomato leaf aroma in its Machu Picchu video.

Positron is particularly confident in its chair’s ability to prevent nausea, and it tests its experiences on thousands of people before releasing them to the public. Among those, the company says that all but two experienced no nausea. That’s a big difference from the up to 20% of people who experience it in traditional VR videos that move around the user, even if they’re not moving in sync with their surroundings.

Positron and other companies are experimenting with ways to use smell and touch to make VR more immersive. A Marina del Rey startup has developed a device that lets users feel digital objects with their hands, and an art exhibit about climate change uses odors to add realism to a virtual journey through Samoa’s vanishing archaeological features and cultural heritage. Smell combined with VR might even have wellness applications, according to OVR, which makes gear that allows you to breathe in Atlantic Ocean mist, wildflowers, pine forest and damp earth during guided meditation sessions.

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