The Ouble VR 360 Motion Chair

The Ouble VR 360 Motion Chair

Enjoy a full VR experience with dynamic rotating seats and immersive high-quality images. Feel the rumble of engines, gears and flaps while flying an airplane or taking part in a virtual race car.

Multiple safety features are also included. Multi-point seat belts and a wrapped seat structure design provide comprehensive protection for players. An emergency stop button can be pressed at any time to immediately pause the experience.

1. 360 Degree Rotation

The ouble VR 360 Motion Chair brings new levels of immersion to virtual reality gaming and experiences. This 2 seater virtual cockpit chair combines a DEEPOON E3C VR Headset with an advanced motion base to create an extreme experience that will blow peoples minds.

The motorized base enables the chair to rotate a full 360 degrees allowing users to experience each and every moment of a virtual world as they are physically immersed within it. The haptic sensors vibrate to match the action in each scene and make players feel as if they are driving a racing car or taking part in a thrilling roller coaster ride.

This immersive experience breaks down the 4th wall and makes people feel as if they are truly taking part in an adventure, they can drive a spaceship or even fly a drone through a densely populated city. This is achieved by combining high-quality graphics, HiFi stereo sound and full 360 degree mobility to give the feeling that they are completely surrounded by action.

The VR flight simulator also includes touch pedals integrated into the chair enabling players to drive or fly their spaceship in the game and comes with 20+ pcs of original VR games. This includes our exclusive copyright games as well as roller coaster and space shooting games that have amazing graphics to entice players. The chair also features an emergency stop button that when pressed stops the experience and returns the seat to its original position.

2. High-Quality Graphics

With HD resolution and low ouble VR 360 Motion Chair latency the VR cockpit chair is able to show high-resolution content at a fast rate. This allows players to feel every twist and turn of their virtual world in stunning detail.

This can help players feel more immersed in their VR experience, increasing the overall enjoyment and satisfaction they get from using the simulator. It also reduces the likelihood of experiencing cyber sickness or other discomfort. However, there are still some technical factors that must be taken into consideration to ensure the quality of the VR simulator experience for users.

A recent study reveals that the encoding parameters and resolution of the video can have a significant impact on the user’s QoE. For example, the authors of the study report that the encoding rate can affect how much cyber sick a viewer feels. This may be because the higher the encoding rate, the more visual artifacts the viewer will see. Moreover, a high pixel density may result in visual tearing. Similarly, a high frame rate can cause blurry images and playback errors.

3. Haptic Sensors

VR motion chairs are an immersive experience that simulates a range of movements such as pitch, yaw, roll and vertical acceleration. They also feature touch pedals so you can ‘walk’ without having to move around the room. These features may help reduce the risk of motion sickness in VR.

The TESLASUIT full body haptic feedback system is integrated into the seat and backrest of the chair and uses 14 IMU sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer) to track the movements of the user. The IMU data is then used to generate a range of physical feedback simulations that replicate the visual movement being experienced in a virtual environment.

The IMU sensors are connected to a motor that moves a stamp on the surface of the chair. The stamp is a 3D-printed structure that has one or more of the following:

4. One-Key Operation

The device is operated using a smartphone app and is plug-and-play with most standalone VR headsets. It is easy to set up and has a handy manual that guides the process. Once the software is up and running a logo lights up on the positional tracker indicating that it is ready to play.

During gameplay the haptic sensors will vibrate in response to the action occurring within the virtual world of the game. This adds to the realism of the experience and can make even the strongest of players feel as though they are flying a futuristic spaceship or riding a simulated roller coaster.

The roto VR chair is designed to break down the fourth wall between the virtual world and the player. The chair also includes a 24” HD screen that can display content showing the game being played for individuals not participating to draw in VR Racing Car additional customers and promote your business. The slick and stylish spaceship design will also help to attract gamers wanting to try out this unique VR experience for themselves.

5. Safety Protection

The ouble VR 360 motion chair is designed with safety in mind and features 5 safety seat belts that protect the player’s head, body, hands, feet, and legs to ensure they remain seated while playing. This helps prevent motion sickness and allows players to focus solely on the experience.

The VR simulator also features a 24” HD LED screen that synchronizes with the gaming video to allow individuals not participating in the experience to see what is happening enhancing marketing and branding opportunities. This coupled with the fact that it is a highly immersive experience will make this a popular attraction for VR arcades and VR theme parks.

The vr flight simulator is built with high-quality materials and is designed to last. It has been rigorously tested to meet international standards and is certified by ROHS, SGS, and TUV. To further reassure customers of its quality VART provides a 1 year warranty period and around the clock online support and remote assistance. Moreover, it is easy to set up and comes with comprehensive documentation and video tutorials.

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