Top 5 Sports Game Machines

Top 5 Sports Game Machines

Sports video games are exploding in popularity, thanks to their realistic graphics and gameplay. In fact, new technology like 4D environments and VR can even make players feel as if they’re on the field or court themselves.

Using the Activator device, an octagonal frame lying on the floor, the player strikes a target with his or her fist. The machine interprets each strike as a specific command.

Basketball League Ticket Redemption Machine

Basketball League is a full sized basketball machine that can be played alone or linked to other machines and players. Players aim to shoot the ball into the hoop to gain points, each round is different and increases in difficulty. This game is great for a group of friends to play together!

Discounts available for multiple machine or container orders.

Ticket use restrictions: SKLP reserves the right to require that your account username not be the name of another person or company and to deny you access to your account in the event that it is found to be so. You agree to hold SKLP harmless from any claims or liability in the event that any of the foregoing occurs. You also agree to allow SKLP to use your image, likeness, actions and statements in connection with any live or recorded audio, video or photographic display, transmission or other publication of your participation at the event.

Boxer Machine

Boxer Machine is an arcade game that lets you punch a bag and score based on your strength. The game has a simple setup and can accommodate any size player. Its adjustable boxing gloves should fit most sized hands and feature elastic finger loops. Its panel has sensors that light up in patterns – a bit like the classic Simon toys from the 80s. The sensors are triggered by the music playing, and the boxer will strike in sync with the beats.

This game is popular with people who want to improve their punching technique and build muscle. Some professional boxers have even tried it. The best way to get a high score on this machine is to hit it with great force and focus on speed.

Liteboxer offers a 30-Day risk-free trial for their indoor machines and a 1-year warranty. The company has an extensive selection of games and a robust customer service department. Sports Game Machine It also offers consulting and design services to help customers create their gaming spaces. They also have a variety of different payment options, including PayPal and credit cards.

Polar Igloo

Polar Igloo is a classic, quick-play, redemption game that combines timeless concept and a small footprint to deliver great income potential for any amusement location. Players use a custom LED fish controller to drop balls between the pegs in this machine to win tickets depending on where they hit. The more tickets won, the higher the payout! With three bonus win zones and intuitive, simple gameplay, Polar Igloo encourages repeat play.

Explore a buildable Minecraft igloo featuring a polar bear and baby polar bear in a snow-covered landscape with ice block elements. Remove the igloo roof to discover a detailed interior with a redstone torch, bed, crafting table and furnace. Launch flick missiles from the arrow Sports Game Machine dispenser to defend against the stray polar bear! This set also includes a diamond sword. Suitable for ages 6 and up.

Shooting Hoops 5 Ticket Redemption Machine

One of the most popular basketball-themed game machines in the industry, the Shooting Hoops 5 Ticket Redemption Machine features an NBA-sized hoop and a sleek design. It offers multiple levels and a high win ratio to keep players coming back for more. Plus, it’s branded by the classic video game brand Pac-Man, which makes it even more appealing to basketball lovers.

This Benchmark Games-brand game lets one or two players shoot baskets in an up to four-stage timed countdown and earn tickets based on their score. It also includes a unique lighted rim feature that rewards players for swishing the balls through and keeping the rim lit.

The game awards tickets for every shot, which can be used to play a number of different cash games. However, it can take some time to accumulate enough tickets to pay for the cash game entry fee.

Sonic Blast Heroes

This SNES version of the popular arcade machine (and a little controversial due to kids injuring their hands when punching hard enough) was reworked into this beat ’em up. You can play as either Sonia, Sonic Blast Man or Captain Choyear (with a special code you can choose both characters at the same time).

The game is pretty standard as far as brawlers go; large sprites, a few basic combos and a couple of special power attacks. You can throw jabs, a spin move that hits everybody but leaves you open for a counter attack and a dynamite punch (pressing L and Y unleashes a ferocious ground pound but you only get three per life).

Stages are spread across five different locations. You’ll fight local gangsters in the streets, go through a factory that has pipes spraying fire everywhere, travel down into a sewer and even battle an evil clone of Sonic Blast Man in space. The music is a real letdown though, it consists of mostly jazz and elevator tunes that won’t have you pumped for action.

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