Air Hockey Machine For Sale

Air Hockey Machine For Sale

Air hockey is a fun and competitive arcade game that can be played by players of all ages. It is a popular attraction in bars with arcade games, family entertainment centers and home game rooms.

Dynamo Arena is the latest innovation in air hockey and the perfect solution for locations looking to earn serious revenue. The unit features an overhead arena scoreboard, real game sounds and lighting, and a polycarbonate play field.


Air hockey is a fast-paced tabletop game that involves playing against your opponent with handheld variations on hockey sticks. The puck slides on a smooth, low-friction tabletop surface suspended by a air hockey machine for sale thin cushion of air ejected from tiny vent holes built into the surface. This reduces friction to a minimum and simulates the lubricated sliding of an ice hockey puck across a well-polished rink.

In 1974, beloved sportscaster Marv Albert narrated a tense championship tournament featuring thirty-one regional champs battling for the coveted title of “Best Air Hockey Player in the World” and a $5000 prize. This was the first air hockey tournament to be held, and it was also when proper associations were created for the sport in order to schedule future events.

Despite a brief mainstream lull in popularity during the 1980s as video games exploded in popularity, air hockey remained a popular pastime among a select group of dedicated fans. One of these players, Mark Robbins, went as far as to create the United States Air-Table Hockey Association (USAA) in order to establish rules and regulations for tournaments that would encourage people to take the game seriously.


Air hockey is a fast-paced table game that requires quick reactions and skill to play. It is usually played 1v1 but can also be 2v2. A tabletop version of the popular arcade game consists of a smooth playing surface designed to reduce friction, a goal at each end and surrounding rails. The rails are designed to return the puck back into play, and part of the challenge is learning to use these to confuse opponents from surprise angles.

The game is played with a special pusher known as a striker or mallet. Typically, the striker is made of plastic and features a flat surface that lies flush with the table. Some are designed with a high-top to look like a small plastic sombrero, while others have a low-top and a shorter nub. Some strikers are shock-absorbing rubber impact rings that protect players from sore wrists during long games.

A player may palm the puck only when it is en route to the goal and is struck while their opponent is distracted. This is called a technical foul and results in the offending player giving up possession of the puck.


There are many variations of air hockey tables, from the standard arcade style to smaller tabletop options. The latter are often more affordable and ideal for younger children. They also take up less floor space and are easy to store when not in use. Some even convert into a multi-game table, which saves more space.

More advanced options, like Playcraft’s Easton 8’ table, are designed to last and offer durable engineering for aggressive gamers and more experienced players. They can handle multiple puck sizes and have adjustable speed settings. Many are also fitted with a retractable side scorer and the ability to accept a ping pong conversion top.

Commercial-grade air hockey tables are popular at bars, gaming arcades, and clubs. They’re also becoming increasingly popular in home game rooms. These tables are typically built to arcade standards and feature strong fan motors that create plenty of uplift for the pucks. Many are fitted with coin mechs to allow the sale of game credits, making them an attractive option for public spaces. They can also be upgraded with new pushers, which are much easier on the wrists than the plastic ones supplied with most tables.


Whether you’re building the ultimate man cave or need a fun way to boost office morale, an air hockey table is a great addition to any game room. We offer a variety of certified refurbished tables that look good and air hockey machine for sale play great. They’re perfect for home use or for a commercial arcade.

The Tournament Pro is a high-quality air hockey table that’s built for competitive play. The durable design is ideal for heavy traffic and the wear-resistant laminate playing surface is designed for longevity. The game includes a blower that provides optimal airflow to the playfield and aluminum rails for fast puck deflection. The Tournament Pro is fully-sanctioned for tournament play by the U.S. Air Hockey Association.

The Dynamo Arena is the newest innovation from Valley-Dynamo. This 7ft air hockey table features a dynamic gameplay experience with multi-color LED lighting and interactive sound. It also has a unique arena overhead scoreboard to simulate the look of an actual hockey arena. The Dynamo Arena is a great choice for FEC’s looking to earn serious revenue.

Places to play

If you want to play air hockey in a public space, there are several locations where you can find tables. These include gaming and recreation centers, bars with arcade games, and even some family entertainment centers. You can also purchase tables from specialty game stores or online retailers. In addition to standard models, you can find premium tables that are designed for high-level competition.

When choosing an air hockey table, it’s important to look for stability. Some tables feature cross-legged supports to prevent players from placing too much weight on the surface. They may also have built-in levelers that adjust the playing surface. Other features include a smooth, friction-reducing playing surface and a powerful motor that pushes the puck at top speed.

Another feature to consider is the electronic scoreboard. Keeping track of scores can distract players from the game, so having an electronic scoreboard is essential. It’s also a good idea to buy a table with rounded, ergonomic goal ends. This will keep your hands from getting too sore after long games. It’s especially important if you play competitively.

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