The Ticket to Prize Redemption Machine

The Ticket to Prize Redemption Machine

As you conquer the digital realms of the arcade, you accumulate redemption tickets. Now, it’s time to redeem them for a real-world reward. The Redemption Machine bridges the gap between pixels on a screen and a plush toy or shiny trinket in your hand.

A stylish new design gives this award merchandiser an eye-catching translucent header that will stand out on location. Accepts token or coin and has operator-adjustable difficulty settings.

Ticket Value Cards

Ticket value cards are prepaid paper tickets that deduct fare when the ticket is presented to the farebox. Customers can purchase these tickets with cash, debit card or FREEDOM Cards at ticket machines. These tickets can be refunded at pass offices if they are not used and are still valid.

When purchasing ticket value cards, consumers should check that the website has a secure connection — indicated by an https address and padlock symbol — so they can get a chargeback from their bank or credit card provider if they do not receive what they paid for. Using a debit card for online purchases may also offer them protection.

Ticket Boxes

Ticket boxes are the golden currency of the arcade world, representing the tangible fruits of one’s gaming skills. The most inexpensive prizes (candy, small claw crane machine supplier plastic or rubber toys) may only require a few hundred tickets to acquire, while the most expensive ones (skateboards, low-end electronics) may take many thousand to earn.

A self-contained ticket redemption center, the Ticket To Prizes machine is perfect for unattended or attended locations. Players can use their member card to swipe and Dance Game Machine collect tickets from the machine, which it then uses to determine whether or not a winner has been made. Once a winning ticket is printed, the machine will display it to the player and the player can choose to keep or cash in their prize.

This bright and colorful ticket redemption game is a crane/prize arcade game with a ton of personality. Players move Snork’s trunk over and down into the prize area to pick up candy, small toys and capsules (you can use each item individually or together).

This fun and exciting single-player ticket redemption game features a bright LED display. Players slide their coin into the coin slot and try to stop the outer light in the “Win Zone” before the inner wheel stops. If the outer light does not stop in the Win Zone, the player still wins a number of tickets (operator adjustable). This is a great kids’ game with a classic theme, fun sounds and action-packed playfield.

Ticket Value Inserts

The ticket to prize redemption machine allows your guests to choose their own prizes. This helps minimize wait times for customers and reduces staff frustration. It also helps you allocate your team members to different areas of the facility based on need. It also improves your ticket sales and guest experience. This is a great addition to any entertainment center or arcade.

Using the default ticket style as a guide, insert your desired background image into the ticket. Be sure to adjust the image size and placement so that the data is not obscured. To do so, click Preview Ticket. If the text is too small or obscured by the background image, use the Ticket Tags section to enable larger and more prominent ticket tags for your tickets.

For each ticket, you can select an owner, a ticket group, and a related response field value. When the workflow tasks are processed, all tickets that have matching data in the ticket group and question will be linked. This will appear on your follow-up page and can be viewed by clicking the ticket to expand it. Note that changing the mapped data for a ticket field will only affect future tickets—not tickets already created. For example, if you change the Ticket Name field from a user’s username to their email address, this will only affect new tickets, and not those previously generated.

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