Air Hockey Coin Operated

Air Hockey Coin Operated

Adding an air hockey coin operated to your arcade or game room is a surefire way to attract customers and keep them playing. These professional tables are made to withstand high volumes of play and can generate revenue on their own without the need for a staff member.

Featuring a sleek table design, over head electronic scoring and chasing Blue LED lights along puck releases on the tough polycarbonate playfield.


Air hockey is a fast-paced game that attracts patrons and keeps them playing. It’s the ideal choice for recreation centers and bars that want to attract people in search of competitive entertainment. Some tables are designed with a variety of options to make the game more interesting and engaging, including overhead scoring.

An air hockey table consists of a smooth, air hockey coin operated slippery surface designed to reduce friction and two hand-held “strikers” that are held by the players. The puck rests on a thin cushion of air, suspended by tiny vent holes built into the surface. The machine combines this mechanism with a surrounding rail that prevents the strikers and puck from leaving the table, and slots in the rail at each end that serve as goals.

A standard puck resembles an ice hockey puck and is made of Lexan polycarbonate resin. A thin layer of protective tape covers the face-up side. The strikers are usually plastic paddles that resemble small mallets. Air Hockey Tournament Players Association rules govern the sport.

Designed for heavy arcade use, these tables are equipped with reliable coin mechanisms and various operator controls. They are also built to accommodate different player skill levels. In addition, these tables feature high-quality construction to ensure years of trouble-free operation. They’re a must-have for any gaming establishment.


Our coin operated air hockey table is a professional commercial-grade piece designed for heavy play to increase your establishment’s revenue. The table has sidemount or overhead scoring and a smooth, fast playing surface to keep your guests coming back for more.

Unlike traditional billiards tables, which are made of wood and require regular maintenance to maintain the smoothness of their surfaces, air hockey tables are manufactured using low-friction materials that simulate the lubricated sliding of ice on a polished rink. To reduce friction, the slick surface of the table is suspended on a cushion of air ejected from tiny vent holes built into the table’s frame.

Players use two hand-held strikers to move a small plastic puck across the table’s surface, trying to score goals against their opponent in the time allowed. The Vending Machine game was originally developed by Brunswick Billiards engineers Phil Crossman, Bob Kenrick and Brad Baldwin in 1969.

The rebranding of the game in the late 1980s saw it attracting a new group of players, and by the mid-1990s there was significant interest in tournament play. The USAA was formed in 1975 to establish rules and promote the sport, and crowned its first world champion in 1985.


Air hockey is not a very hard game to play, but it does require a little maintenance to keep it running at its best. It is important to clean the table surface periodically using off-the-shelf surface cleaner and a rag, but make sure not to block any of the air holes. It is also a good idea to check the air holes themselves once every year, or more often if needed, to remove dirt that can slow down the puck’s movement.

Most coin operated air hockey tables have adjustable timers, and can be set at the factory to shut off after a predetermined amount of time has passed, or disabled entirely for tournament play. These adjustments can help to keep the table in its top playing condition, and increase revenue potential by selling credits to players at the touch of a button.


Air hockey is an entertaining game that can bring in a lot of money for bars, arcades, and recreation centers. The fast game play and high stakes can attract players and encourage repeat visits. The tables also look great in any gaming environment and can be fitted with neon or black lights, which draw attention to the games.

A typical air hockey table consists of a large, smooth playing surface designed to minimize friction, a surrounding rail to prevent the puck and strikers (paddles) from falling off the table, and slots on either end of the table that serve as goals. The surface is drilled symmetrically with tiny holes, and a fan blows air through the holes to create a cushion of air that suspends the puck on the table. The resulting frictionless surface simulates the lubricated sliding of ice hockey pucks across an ice rink.

While you can buy an air hockey table that doesn’t require the use of electricity, most are electrically powered and include a coin mechanism. The coins can be collected by the game owner and used to pay for additional turns or power to the table’s motor. Electric air hockey tables are typically safer than their non-electric counterparts, but they still require regular maintenance to ensure safe operation.

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