LED Follow Spot Lights

LED Follow Spot Lights

Led Follow spot lights

Whether you’re planning to use a LED follow spot light onstage or in a live performance, there are a few things you should know before you buy. These tips will help you make the right choice and find the best lighting product for your needs.

High-power LED light source

Typical LED followspots feature light engines with power ratings in the tens to hundreds of watts. The light engine may be an assembly of discrete high power LED packages or it may be a single source integrated LED array. In either case, the LEDs must provide radiant power across the entire visible spectrum.

The latest generation of followspots utilize solid state light sources. This improves their performance and lifespan. They are also more energy efficient than traditional bulbs.

High-power LEDs are used in flashlights and automobile headlights. They are very bright, but they require heatsinks to prevent them from overheating. They also dissipate up to one Watt or more of power. Despite these features, they are still very efficient compared to conventional bulbs.

LEDs are known for their brightness and colors. They are also very efficient at producing high light outputs. They are also highly spectral controllable, which allows them to produce any desired color. Some LEDs are also used as floodlights.

LEDs are small, like a light bulb. The current is passed through a microchip. The LEDs are incorporated into lenses and reflectors to spread the light widely. They are also labeled with a “mcd” (millicandelas). In order to measure their brightness, “mcd” is converted to Lumens. A LED’s Lumens metric is measured in Lumens per watt.

A typical LED followspot is a cylindrical fixture with a control panel. It can be Theater spot lights attached to a tripod and moved to follow props and actors. It may have concentric rings and rotary knobs for focus adjustment. Some may even have a LCD display for ease of use.

It may include internal glass filter holders and follow spot sights. In addition, some may have an optional horizontal chopper for masking control in wide stages. The ADJ FS600LED combines the functionality of a traditional followspot with LED technology. The ADJ FS600LED uses 60W of power and can throw eight different colors. It also has a built-in LED strobe effect. It can be operated using DMX protocol. It includes an adjustable Iris, manual framing shutters, and adjustable beam angles.


Unlike a conventional halogen or tungsten light, LEDs are able to be dimmed. The nifty and impressive feat is performed by using a shunt inserted into the LEDs. Alternatively, this trick is done via a tiny buck converter. Depending on the specifications, these devices may be a little more complicated.

Aside from the aforementioned LED light snobs, there are two other nifty things to consider when purchasing your next dimmable LED light. The first is to determine what type of fixture you are installing it in, and the second is to decide if you have the space and budget to accommodate a dimmer. The latter is by far the more difficult task.

In fact, you may have to make a trip to the store to actually get the best deals on the light of the moment. Luckily, UPSHINE Lighting has been in business for many years, and offers a wide range of dimmable LED light solutions to suit any need. For more information, check out their website at (www.upshine.com). They are also a good source of customer service. Whether you’re in the market for a new LED, or are looking for a quality refurbishment, the team at UPSHINE is happy to help you find the perfect light for your needs. And if you have a specific need that they can’t fill, they will work with you to create a custom solution to suit your needs. The best part is, they are a local business, and they are happy to help! After all, your business is important to them. And if they are able to help you get the light you need, they will do it with a smile!

Long throw distance

Using a LED followspot can provide you with a more powerful and more versatile light source. These spotlights can help you illuminate your stage from a long distance. You can get a long throw LED followspot in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The latest craze is to use an LED follow spot to create a powerful beam. Most modern fixtures utilize an array of LEDs in a moving head configuration. This can be useful for applications where you need to highlight actors from a far distance.

While the LED ain’t a magic bullet, it can produce a more powerful and more efficient beam. The best part is that it can be used in large venues. The best LED followspots are designed for use in opera houses, theaters, concert halls and schools.

The Mega Systems Drama FS-LED 700 is an impressive follow spot. This LED powered fixture projects a crisp cool white beam that is comparable in output to a typical 700-watt lamp. This fixture also includes a 6-slot manual boomerang that can be used to make gel color changes. The device features a proprietary optical design that produces an 8:1 zoom ratio.

The Arthur LED followspot is the next step in the evolution of LED follow spots. It delivers up to 29,000 lumens, which is a lot of high quality light. Its impressive features include variable zoom optics, a Theater spot lights nifty-looking optical design, a CTO filter that matches tungsten lamps, and an independent control over the image size.

The best part is that it is easier to service and maintain. The Arthur LED followspot comes with a unique power supply unit and driver, along with a CPU that can be removed and replaced.

Specific cue sheets for follow spot operators

Getting the most out of your followspots is not as easy as it looks. Besides having the proper light, you will need to find a good balance and make sure the cue is appropriately visible.

A follow spot is a manually operated stage lighting instrument. It is typically used to highlight a featured actor or dance line. It can also be used to control pans, tilts and iris.

It is common for a show to have four or more followspots operating at once. This is a good thing for the performers. The follow spot is also an excellent tool to help track a principal cast member in a complex dance sequence.

A follow spot’s color change function is a lot of fun. In fact, you may want to wear biker gloves to keep your hands from getting too hot.

Another interesting aspect of followspotting is its ability to highlight a static actor. This is especially important in shows with large ensembles.

While a follow spot’s size and brightness may not be the best fit for every situation, it can be a very effective tool. It is important to remember that a followspot’s functions should be mastered before attempting to operate it.

It is also wise to have spare cue sheets on hand for those times when the operator needs a quick glance. You never know when you will need to quickly snap from one color to the next.

You should also take the time to learn a little about the cues you are calling. Even the best operators can forget a few details from night to night. A good stage manager will adjust to meet the needs of the show.

Ground-Control followspot system by PRG

Developed by PRG, the Ground-Control followspot system is a revolutionary product that allows for the remote operation of light sources from anywhere. It was designed by the company’s R&D team in Dallas. It allows for a more creative follow spot placement and reduces operator weight and truss space.

The system is comprised of three parts: the GC Spot Luminaire, GC Followspot Controller and the GC Truss Box. Its compact size makes it ideal for use in large halls. It can be mounted over a video wall or over a truss. The unit features a high definition camera with optical zoom and night vision mode. It outputs HD-SDI 1080P video.

Its ability to operate in tilt and pan provides an added dimension to its functionality. This system also allows the operator to control the color of the light and set various commands in advance. Its interface is also touchscreen based. It is easy to learn and can be used by even the novice operator in less than five minutes.

The GroundControl Followspot System was designed to eliminate the need for specialty rigging equipment and motors. It also saves money by eliminating the use of seat kills. The system keeps the operator on the ground, reducing the amount of trucking space required.

Unlike other remote followspot systems, the Ground-Control unit can be located up to 2,000 feet away. It can also be placed in the floor for floor-mounted or balcony rail applications.

The GC Followspot Controller comes with the GC Spot Luminaire and allows for the remote operation of multiple follow spots. It features an on-board touchscreen, XLR 5pin in and out for DMX and a BNC connector for HD-SDI video. It is compatible with the GC Bad Boy HP and GC LongThrow. It is also available in a 4-Way Switch Box, which allows the operator to switch between four fixtures. This is especially beneficial for A/B stage applications.

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