Injectable Powder Filling Machines

Injectable Powder Filling Machines

injectable powder filling machine

Injectable powder filling machines vary in terms of safety measures and technical specifications. They are often designed with eight ports per powder wheel, and have various safety measures, including a piston in each port. These machines also have a wide range of technical specifications and multiple dosing capabilities. When it comes to choosing a filling machine, it’s important to consider the following features:

High precision operations

Injectable powder filling machines are used to fill injections of different types and dosage forms. They have many advantages, including the ability to accurately measure the bulk density of the powder and the consistency of the material. The machine is also able to control the level of humidity, which is important for filling injections of sterile powder. Generally, the filling machine is operated in a room with a humidity level of 25 percent or higher. The machine is powered by a 415-volt, 50-Hz electrical supply.

High precision operations with injectable powder filling machines are capable of filling a variety of vial sizes, including rounded containers. They also feature a vacuum/pressure dosing system to ensure that the powder is precisely injected into each vial. The high accuracy of these machines enables them to handle long production cycles with no issues, including contamination. In addition, the machine’s design is geared to ensure sterile operation in clean rooms, and is placed close to other stoppering and filling units.

The machine’s precision-built stainless-steel frame ensures smooth operation, while the welded steel construction prevents wastage of powder. The machine also features AC voltage control, electronic controls, and safety clutch systems to ensure aseptic filling conditions. As a result, high-quality injectable powder filling machines are ideal for the pharmaceutical industry.


The accuracy of an injectable powder filling machine depends on several factors. For example, it must be able to measure the bulk density, consistency and level of humidity of the injectable powder. Generally, the process is done in a controlled environment of 25 percent humidity. The machine must be equipped with a 415 volt and 50 Hz electrical supply.

Another factor that determines the accuracy of an injectable powder filling machine is its production rate. There are different injectable powder filling machine machines that are capable of producing single, double, triple, or four doses of powder. The single dose models can fill up to 120 vials per minute while double, triple, and four dose models can fill up to 30 vials per minute.

The accuracy of an injectable powder filling machine is an important factor in drug manufacturing. It ensures consistency of fill volume and protects the vials from contamination. These machines are often installed in clean rooms. They feature automatic sterilization, a safety clutch system, and an LCD display.

A quality injectable powder filling machine has all the components needed for consistent accuracy. These machines are cGMP compliant and monobloc machines. They can perform filling and stoppering operations on the same platform. They can handle between 50mg and 1500mg per dose. These machines come in single and double wheel models.


The S.S.316 injectable powder filling machine has a number of advantages over conventional filling machines. For instance, it can fill a large number of small-sized bottles without causing any contamination. In addition, the machine has an extensive range of options for sterilization. Moreover, it can be easily disassembled for cleaning and sterilization.

This machine has an in-feed platform that guides dry vials on a Delrin slat conveyor belt. injectable powder filling machine The filling unit contains an SS 316 filling head and syringes. While SS syringes are recommended, glass syringes are also compatible with the machine. In addition, the machine features a Star Wheel for holding the filled vial during the filling process. Once the machine is finished, the vial is transported to the next operation.

An injectable dry powder filling machine is an efficient tool for the filling of dry powder into vials. It facilitates the injection of the powder into the vial, and then closes the top of the vial with a rubber stopper. It is designed for high efficiency and sterility and is suitable for sterile environments. Its design incorporates laminar flow protection, and the incoming and out-feed units are located close to each other to avoid contamination.

Injectable dry powder vial filling machine is a high-quality machine with high throughput. It is robust, compact, and cGMP compliant and ensures aseptic filling conditions. In addition, it has an inbuilt vibratory stoppering unit and a digital counter for accuracy. Moreover, the machine’s automatic operations increase its throughput. The parts in contact with vials are made of stainless steel.

Vacuum/pressure dosing system

A Vacuum/pressure dosing system is an essential component of an injectable powder filling machine. This system allows a machine to dispense sterile powder directly into a vial. The system is comprised of 12 chambers, each vacuum assisted. When powder flows into a chamber, it generates a depression. This depression lasts until the powder reaches the vial. The air-flow is sterile, as it passes through a filter specific to the type of powder being dispensed.

A Vacuum/pressure dosing system is an efficient and reliable way to fill injectable powders. It allows for consistent dosing and is designed for high throughput. It has several advantages, including its compact size, cGMP design, and ergonomic features. The machine also eliminates wastage of powder.

Another feature of a Vacuum/Pressure dosing system is its speed. A single-dose machine can fill approximately 120 vials per minute, while a double-dose machine can fill as many as 40 vials per minute. The machine can also integrate with secondary packaging lines.

Another advantage of a Vacuum/Pressure dosing system is its user-friendliness. This type of machine has only a few components and is easy to learn. It’s also ideal for clean rooms where sterile operation is essential.

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