Grand Super Wax and Its Variations

Grand Super Wax and Its Variations


Grand Super Wax has many variants and is available in many colours. GRAND SUPER WAX This article will go through the various steps the wax takes before it reaches the final gloss finish. Then we’ll discuss the different colours available. The process is not difficult and will take you under 27 steps to achieve the desired result.

Variations on the Grand Superwax

Variations on the Grand Superwax are silk-like fabrics that are a little bit more special than regular silk. These fabrics are rich in colour and have a glossy finish. These fabrics are a great choice for bridal wear, red-carpet gowns and luxury tops.

These fabrics have been printed in liquid with a primarily indigo blue dye as their base colour. As a result, the printing process produces bubbles all over the fabric. Variations on the Grand Superwax contain double colouring (three colours + 1 dye colour). The bubble effect is avoided in the last colour blocking. The fabric is then highly glanced for the Grand Superwax title.

Steps it goes through to reach a final gloss finish

The process of printing a fabric with Grand Super Wax involves an average of 27 steps. The fabric is first printed using liquid dyes. The base dye is mainly indigo blue. The process causes bubbles to form in the fabric. Then, the fabric is dyed with a double colouring process. The colouring process is completed by applying 3 dye colors and one colour of Grand Superwax. The final step involves colour blocking without the bubbling effect. The result is a highly glanced finish that gives Grand Superwax its status.

Colours available in the Grand Superwax

Superwax fabric is available in a wide range of colours and designs. It is a high-grade cotton satin with a shimmering, bubbling effect. It GRAND SUPER WAX is durable and easy to care for. All colours and designs are guaranteed to last through multiple washings.

The Grand Super-Wax is a more exclusive version of Super-Wax, combining vibrant colours with a gloss finish. The Grand Super-Wax is printed on Vlisco cotton satin with a unique wax printing process. The wax prints onto the fabric, and the base dye soaks into the cloth around it, creating a deep, rich colour.

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