The Case of Mordelt in Amusement Equipmen

The Case of Mordelt in Amusement Equipmen

Amusement Equipmen

If you’re in the market for amusement equipment, you’ve probably noticed that prices can vary significantly. Several amusement companies have begun to exploit low labor and manufacturing costs overseas, flooding the US market with new products and lower pricing. Not only does this mean that products are cheaper, but the quality, warranty, and service repairs may also vary dramatically. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, make sure to find out where your vendor manufactures their products and which ones are getting materials from offshore manufacturers.


If you’re interested in buying amusement equipment, you might want to consider purchasing from a reliable supplier such as Amusement Equipment Sales. Their wide range of products includes everything from kid-powered merry go round to a giant ferris wheel. Amusement equipment is an essential part of any amusement park, and they offer affordable prices for their customers. For more information, contact them today! You’ll be glad you did!

A professional manufacturer of amusement equipment, Dinis has won BV, ISO9001, SON, and CE certification. Their products are sold around the world, and they have the expertise to produce and install any type of amusement park facility. Be sure to look for a manufacturer with all of these certifications, as some companies are less than trustworthy. Dinis uses high-quality materials and fiberglass-reinforced plastic to build all their equipment, and their welders have extensive experience.

In addition to the quality of their products, they also have highly skilled R & D personnel and skilled technical workers. This ensures that Dinis products meet strict standards for national amusement manufacture and are tailored to the specific needs of their customers. These factors make them the leading amusement equipment provider in China. Dinis Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. has been in business for over a decade and has an impressive portfolio of products.

Amusement Equipmen Dinis offers several different options for indoor or outdoor installations. For a backyard amusement park, you might want to consider a mini kids track train ride. You can also choose a coin-operated version. These types of rides are cheap, mobile, and environmentally-friendly. Whether you’re building a large indoor amusement park or simply looking for something more affordable, you’ll find the perfect fit for your family at Dinis.

Henan Beston

Henan Beston Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is a famous amusement equipment manufacturer based in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China. With many decades of experience in designing and manufacturing amusement rides, Beston is an expert in producing trackless rides and kiddie rides. Whether you are looking to build a small amusement park or a large one, Beston will have everything you need.

In addition to providing quality rides, Henan Beston manufactures and supplies various amusement equipments. Its products include pirate ship rides, carousels, bumper cars, and bumper cars. These products are suitable for amusement parks, supermarkets, and funfairs. Some of its products are used in kindergartens, schools, and supermarkets. For more information about Beston, please visit its website at

Whether you want a fun fair ride or a large water slide, you can find the perfect amusement equipment from Henan Beston. Their products are made of superior quality stainless steel and fiberglass plastic that is corrosion resistant. They are safe to use and designed to last. Many countries around the world have purchased these amusement rides from Beston. These companies are reliable and trustworthy. They have an excellent reputation for quality and service, and they have exported their amusement equipment worldwide.

The Beston brand is a leading name in the amusement industry. They manufacture hundreds of different types of rides and have become one of the most sought-after manufacturers in the world. The rides are extremely popular on the market and can be seen at parks around the world. In fact, Beston amusement rides are so popular that they are featured in many of them. The Beston company is proud to offer their amusement equipment to the world.


The case of Mordelt in Amusement Equipmen involves an elephant that crossed the snowy Alps with relative ease. Mordelt is a subsidiary of Amusement Equipment, Inc. and is located at Bahnhofstr. 19, 74249 Jagsthausen, Germany. The case is noteworthy in two ways. First, it illustrates the importance of a proper contract between Amusement Equipment and its suppliers. Second, it establishes a precedent for the enforcement of the law in cases involving amusement equipment.

The contract between Mordelt and Heimo was not a legal one. The two companies had no prior business relationship with Louisiana. The parties had met in Germany and negotiated the terms by telex. The payment for the merchandise was made through a Florida bank, and the delivery was supposed to occur in Florida. Mordelt and Heimo had no prior contact with Louisiana, and they had not advertised their products in the news media or phone directories in Louisiana. Moreover, they did not display any products at the trade show.

The court found personal jurisdiction over the defendants despite the fact that they do not live in Louisiana. The court also considered the defendants’ lack of personal presence in New Orleans. The presence of Mordelt and Heimo in Louisiana was not a personal visit, but was related to business purposes. Heimo was an active member of the IAAPA, which means that his agent was likely to be in Louisiana when the case was filed.

This case has an interesting outcome. The plaintiff’s lawsuit was not successful because the court lacked personal jurisdiction over Heimo. Although Mordelt acted outside of his official capacity in contract negotiations, he did have some contacts in Louisiana. The defendants cannot assert personal jurisdiction over Mordelt because he is not a resident of Louisiana. Furthermore, Heimo did not serve any process in Louisiana, so the cause of action cannot be established.


The contract between Amusement Equipment and Heimo involved no connection to Louisiana. The parties met in West Germany and negotiated the terms of sale by telex and telephone. The payment was made through a Florida bank and directed to the West German bank. The merchandise was to be delivered in Florida. However, Amusement Equipment intends to transport the merchandise to New Orleans. So, the contract between the two companies does not have a direct connection to Louisiana.

The contract between the two companies was signed in September 1983 and the two companies met for discussions about acquiring Heimo products. In September 1983, John Bond visited the Heimo factory in West Germany and purchased remote controlled boats for an exhibition in Jacksonville, Florida. As the contract reached the end of the year, they agreed to meet again in November during the IAAPA convention in New Orleans. Although they were not legally required to meet in person, they made every effort to meet at the trade show.

During the trial, the court held that the defendant’s presence in Louisiana was related to its business. Although it was not a personal trip, it was purely for business purposes, including drumming up business for Heimo. The court, therefore, denied the motion to dismiss. Amusement Equipment argued that the motion to dismiss was untimely. Ultimately, the court found that neither company had enough contacts with Louisiana to establish personal jurisdiction.

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