Two Most Important Do’s of Gel Nail Polish

Gel nail polish is the latest new thing in nail care and decorating. You can expect long-lasting nails with gel polish, for as long as 10 to 15 days. That’s quite a bit longer than with regular enamel polish. But what are the do’s when it comes to gel nail polish? Let’s find out!

Do’s of Gel Nail Polish:

Gel nail polish, also known as gel polish, is a type of nail polish that is made of gel. It dries quickly upon application and is cured under either UV or LED lamps. 

Gel polish is also long-lasting and typically lasts up to two weeks with good care. The color stays brighter longer than regular nail polish and doesn’t stain fingernails as the latter one does.

The following are the two most important do’s of gel nail polish:

  1. Clean Hands:

First of all, make sure that your hands are clean before you start. If you have been working with oil-based products such as paint or cleaners, you need to wash your hands with soap and warm water first. This is because oil-based products can react with the gel nail polish and make it run as well as ruin its finish.

If your nails are not in good condition to start with, then you may want to consider buying BLUESKY Hands & Nails Care Set.

  1. Let Each Coat Dry:

Make sure that you allow each coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next one. Be patient, you will need to allow each coat of gel to completely dry before adding another layer and this can take a while. When you put on the first coat, be sure to let it dry thoroughly before adding another layer.

If you fail to do this, it is possible for the layers of polish to bond together and become uneven or lumpy.

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