Durable Deep cycle batteries

Products related to batteries exist in everyone’s life but hardly anyone knows about their usage or their priority. Many of us ignore their importance but as soon as they get damaged or don’t work. There are different types of batteries that perform different tasks with different durability.

What is a Deep Cycle Battery ?

These batteries are more like car batteries for unfamiliar people but they are different in usage. These batteries are known as lead batteries designed in a way to provide more power and energy. It runs reliably until the power is discharged at 80%. But if you want to extend the battery life and use it for a long time, then it is recommended not to discharge the power below 45%.

Benefits of Deep cycle batteries.

As deep cycle batteries are more durable and sustainable, so they are likely to be more beneficial for that applications that consume more charge or power. This application may include marine, golf carts, recreational vehicles, and off-grid renewable energy, etc.

There are different types of deep cycle batteries such as Flooded Deep Cycle Batteries which need more attention as when the electrolyte level is low in these batteries so they needed to be refilled to maintain a healthy performance.

Another type is maintenance-free batteries that are also called “Valve Regulated Lead Acid”. These batteries do not need any watering but inspection on regular basis is necessary. If you are looking for a dealer to provide you with the best deep cycle batteries then   Shenzhen LEMAX New Energy Co., Ltd is the best dealer to provide you energy storage system solution.

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