BLUESKY Spring 2021 Gel Polish: The 5 Shades I’m Hyped For

Bluesky is one of the most popular brands in gel nail polish in China. When it comes to spring/summer, they tend to come out with their own line of shades for you to purchase. Their recent release, Dance Your Way, has caught my eye and I thought about it so much that I wanted to share it with you guys! Here are my favorite shades from BLUESKY Spring 2021 Gel Polish Collection:

  1. SWAN DANCE SS21 11: 

A shimmering purple gel nail polish, perfect for a spring day. This is one of my favorites of the collection, it’s rich, beautiful, and very universally flattering. Definitely a must-have!

  1. ON THE ROPES SS21 02: 

A deep vivid green with a soft shimmer. This smooth-sailing shade evokes calm and tranquility. It’s a relaxing hue that looks great on all skin tones. A cool green with a hint of something special.

  1. FIGHT AT PLAY SS21 12:

A pretty pink with an unexpected purple undertone that’s perfect for date night! I don’t know about you but I love everything in pink and this shade is one of my top favorites from this BLUESKY collection. A vibrant mix of pink and purple that looks amazing on all types of skin, especially tanned.


If you love the vibrant colors, this fuchsia gel color is definitely the one you should carry in your pocket. This gel polish has a gorgeous color and it’s so shiny under the sun. It has a smooth formula and it’s very easy to apply with its brush applicator.

  1. ADD IN SS21 05:

This new turquoise gel is by far my most favorite. I love how bright and shiny it looks under the sunlight on a warm spring day. The color is gorgeous, and you will definitely get many compliments on it.

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