Introduction to Seasoning

Seasoning is basically an ingredient that is added to make the food more tasty than usual. The ingredients can be herb, spice, condiment, black pepper, oregano, etc.

Some people are very foodie and they observe each and every ingredient of food they eat. The taste of seasoning can vary from product to product. Some seasonings are sour, some are sweet in taste. Few are bitter and vice versa. 

Almost till now, chefs are using more than 70 seasonings worldwide in national as well as international cuisines. The seasoning is added at the end of cooking in a minor quantity or can also be sprinkled when the food is ready (for example; lemon zest). The main purpose of seasoning is to change the slight taste of the food.

Why is seasoning important?

Seasoning like Cinnamon, Onion powder, etc is used to make the food more delicious. Seasoning is important in some food because it aids in balancing the taste. Without adding seasoning, the food may be tasteless in some cases.

  • Some seasonings are very important to be used in the diet because they contain important vitamins, minerals (potassium, magnesium, iron, etc,). 
  • Seasonings like cinnamon aids in lowering the sugar level of blood and also features strong Anti-Diabetic outcomes.

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