The Benefits of Buying Playground Equipment For Sale

The Benefits of Buying Playground Equipment For Sale

Modern playground equipment does more than spark kids’ imaginations. It also boosts their problem-solving skills and helps them learn about the world around them.

Some equipment is timeless and beloved for generations, like seesaws (also known as teeter-totters). This classic playground fixture requires collaboration with a partner, encouraging teamwork and social development.


Climbers offer kids a fun and exciting way to use their muscles while also learning. They help improve balance, strength and critical thinking skills while they play with friends.

A great choice for elementary school playgrounds, climbers like the cyclo cone plus climber provide accessible climbing inside the structure. Kids enjoy spinning around and improving their coordination as they climb within the structure.

Kids love the small rush that they get when they slide down slides, so it’s no wonder that they are a popular choice for playground equipment. There are many variations of slides available, including dual entry, wavy and roller slides, so you can find the perfect one for your playground.

Proper playground surfacing is another important element of any commercial playground. Safety surfacing acts as a cushion to help prevent injuries when kids fall off of equipment or structures. Options include wood mulch, rubber playground mulch and poured-in-place rubber. These materials are often certified by ASTM, CPSC and IPEMA to ensure they meet standards. A playground outfitter can help you choose the right surfacing for your space and budget.


Slides are one of the most recognizable pieces of playground equipment. They’re found at almost every playground, from simple tube varieties to spiral tunnels. They make the playground look complete and enticing, which is likely why kids flock to them. They also offer a variety of benefits that can enhance kids’ development.

The first advantage is the immediate rush playground equipment for sale that slides provide to kids. While other playground equipment requires kids to climb a structure and build momentum, a slide offers an instant thrill. This can help kids develop their balance, coordination and spatial orientation.

Slides can also help kids build their confidence and bravery. They may be nervous to climb up the ladder, but once they do, they can feel the rush of sliding down and see what happens. Some types of slides encourage competition, allowing kids to race with their peers. This promotes communication and socialization. They can also practice patience by waiting for their turn as they wait for a friend to finish their descent. This helps them develop social skills and become more understanding of others’ feelings.

Spring Toys

Children can practice balancing and motion-based skills by using playground spring toys. These toys help kids get their recommended hour of daily physical activity and can encourage imaginative play. Some of the best spring toys are trikes, tents, race cars and obstacle course toys that challenge children to move in a way that helps improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

A classic toy that’s sure to entertain kids for years is a simple spring rocker. These toys use a single large spring beneath a wooden or plastic structure, typically designed to look like an animal or a vehicle. They’re ideal for kids of all ages and are often found in schools and daycares.

Adding a spring rider to a playground can boost balance and coordination while encouraging creative play. These toys are available in a variety of fun designs, such as horses, spaceships, bulldozers and police bikes. Choose a natural design for the perfect addition to a nature-themed playground or opt for a colorful one to fit in with your play structure’s theme.

Timber Stacks

Timber stacks are a method of storage for dry wood. It allows the air to penetrate the surface of the wood, which reduces fungus and insect damage. This also helps prevent rotting and sagging. The proper construction and orientation of timber stacks are essential to good drying.

Correct piling increases the rate of drying and evenness of the boards in the playground facilities stack. It also prevents distortion of some species (e.g. sycamore). There are several methods of piling, including Bristol stacking, end racking and cross racking. In addition, the stacks must be well ventilated.

In ecological contexts, timber stacks often act as traps for species that lay eggs and hatch on them, such as the Rosalia longicorn beetle. This trapping restricts the ability of these species to develop fully, resulting in population demographic changes.

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Unique Equipment

Children develop gross motor skills — major muscle groups in the torso, arms and legs — through play. They build these skills before they can grip a fork, so it’s important to include equipment that allows them to move in a variety of ways. A playground with diverse equipment can help kids find things they enjoy and are good at, making it easier for them to gain confidence in their abilities. When kids of different ages interact with each other on the playground, they also learn from and copy each other. They may encourage one another to pump on the swing or help each other climb over a monkey bar.

Kids love bouncing, and playground equipment that lets them bounce is a great way to get their energy out. Bouncers come in many styles, from themed ones to generic options that will blend in with any playground’s aesthetic. Some bouncing equipment, like the bouncing drawbridge and Walk the Plank, have themes that promote imaginative play. The bouncing drawbridge limits movement to prevent launching kids into the air, and it has a modest fall height so kids can bounce without worrying about landing hard on the ground.

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