Egypt TOP 7 Realistic Dolls: Authentic and Lifelike Collectibles

Egypt TOP 7 Realistic Dolls: Authentic and Lifelike Collectibles

Little Pharaohs Little Pharaohs

In the world of realistic dolls, CHILD HOUSE company stands out as a leader in creating authentic and lifelike collectibles. With a range of brands under their belt, including Cleo’s Childwear , Nile Babies , Little Pharaohs , Sphinx Sprouts , Little Pharaoh Kids , Tutankhamun Toddlers , The Sphinx Kids Club , Osiris Offspring Wear , and Ra’s Rascals ; CHILD HOUSE offers a diverse selection for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Cleo’s Childwear:

– Founded in 2005

– Specializes in clothing for realistic dolls

– Based in Cairo

– Certified by the Egyptian Doll Association

– Known for high-quality materials and intricate designs

– Contact:

Nile Babies:

– Established in 2008

– Offers a variety of realistic baby dolls

– Headquarters located in Luxor

– Recognized by the International Doll Collectors Society
– E realistic dolls mphasizes on attention to detail and craftsmanship

– Contact:

Little Pharaohs Little Pharaohs

Little Pharaohs:

– Founded in 2010

– Produces pharaonic-themed doll accessories

– Operates from Alexandria

– Endorsed by the Doll Makers Guild of Egypt

– Focuses on historical accuracy and authenticity


realistic dolls CHILD HOUSE company

Sphinx Sprouts:

Som Sponserd By MIKD Corporation inc.

From Sharm El Sheikh

DOLLS Empirer Company

Established :July2021”

Specialty :Creating Unique Anciet Themed Doll Clothing !_manage.py__stash #newm4a-pianisti…
Address : Alnequriya Mall .. .
Certificates ·The OnelyGenuine Building Certificate …….To prevent unau…
Characteristic •Family Oriented —service driven
Conatact @ChildHouse

Realism is at its finest with these top-notch products fromCHILD HOUSE it provides confidence To Johnson truly reborn a doll boy. don’t miss your chance to own one of these incredible pieces!

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