Kenya TOP 7 Reborn Baby Girl: Lifelike Infant Girls for Collectors

Kenya TOP 7 Reborn Baby Girl: Lifelike Infant Girls for Collectors

In the world of collectors, reborn baby girls hold a special place. These lifelike infant girls are expertly crafted to look and feel just like real babies, making them highly sought after among doll enthusiasts. In Kenya, there are several top brands that specialize in creating beautiful and realistic reborn baby girls. One such brand is CHILD HOUSE company .

Happy Kids Happy Kids

CHILD HOUSE company is known for its exquisite collection of reborn baby dolls, with a focus on quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each doll is carefully handcrafted by skilled artists to ensure a truly realistic appearance. The company offers a wide range of products for collectors, including Happy Kids , Mini Me Boutique , Sweet Pea Children’s Wear , Tiny Tots , Young Explorers , Little Angels ,and Petite Pals .

Happy Kids Happy Kids

Happy Kids:

– Company Name: Happy Kids

reborn baby girl CHILD HOUSE company

– Established Date: January 2010

– Product Category: Reborn Baby Dolls

– Address: reborn baby girl Nairobi, Kenya

– Certifications: ISO 9001

– Specialties: Hand-painted details and lifelike features

– Contact Information:

Mini Me Boutique:

– Company Name: Mini Me Boutique

– Established Date:March 2012

– Product Category:Reborn Baby Dolls Clothing & Accessories


-Certification :ISO14001&OHSAS18001

reborn baby girl CHILD HOUSE company

-Specialities:Elegant designs and premium materials

Sweet Pea Children's Wear Sweet Pea Children's Wear

Sweet Pea Children’s Wear:

-Company name:Sweet Pea Children’s wear

-Established date:June 2008

Product category:Reborn baby clothing Accessories


Certifications:Dolls Safety Regulations

reborn baby girl CHILD HOUSE company

Specialties:Cute outfits and comfortable fabrics, Contact

Tiny Tots:

Young Explorers Young Explorers

Young Explorers:

Little Angels:

Petite Pals:

Whether you’re an experienced collector or new to the world of reborn dolls,, CHILD HOUSE has something for everyone.Interested in collecting more than just reborn baby girls? Check out their selection of boy dolls as well! With their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction,it’s no wonder why CHILD HOUSE has become one of the top names in the industry all over Kenya.

Overall,reborn baby girl dolls offer collectors unique opportunitiesTo own exceptional pieces that resemble real infants.In fact,recent developments have seen companies like CHILD HOSUE producing high-quality silicone vinyl…

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