Ticket Redemption Game Machine

Ticket Redemption Game Machine

A ticket redemption game machine is a prize-dispensing arcade attraction that rewards the player proportionally to their score in the game. The tickets can be redeemed for prizes, such as candy, small toys, and even low-end electronics.

Balancing the games in your venue requires a delicate balance between entertainment value, hit frequency, and ticket payout %.

Ticket Dispensers

If you’re planning to set up a ticket redemption machine at your family entertainment center, there are three things you need to consider: 1) the types of prizes available for trading tickets in the ticket redemption counter; 2) the types of ticket-dispensing games you want to feature; and 3) the staff that will be responsible for manning the counter. With these factors in mind, you’ll be able to attract customers and keep them coming back for more.

Ticket dispensers can be customized to dispense various ticket formats, including QR code-based e-tickets. Many also offer credit card processing capabilities to enable seamless transaction management and improve financial tracking. They are also equipped ticket redemption game machine with security features, such as T-handle locks and additional locking options, to help protect valuables from vandalism.

A paper ticket dispenser can print barcodes and QR codes on a variety of paper formats, and it can use one or two barcode scanners to verify the quality of each printed ticket. This type of ticket dispenser can also detect a bad print or incorrect encoding, and will retain the defective tickets instead of dispensing them to the player. This makes them ideal for use in ticket-redeeming machines at amusement parks and carnivals.


Ticket redemption games offer a variety of prizes for players to win. These can range from candy and small toys to skateboards and low-end electronics. Redemption games usually reward players proportionally to their scores in the game, and these tickets can be redeemed at a prize counter for various items. The most inexpensive prizes may require only a few tickets to acquire, while the more expensive ones can require several thousand. Balancing all of the different prizes available to each game is a delicate process in which entertainment value, hit frequency, and ticket payout % must be considered.

A key consideration in deciding what prizes to feature is the type of audience you want to attract for your arcade business. Typically, these machines are geared towards younger crowds. However, it is important to have some machines that appeal to older crowds as well.

Some of the popular ticket redemption games include a Black Hole – a skill-based game where players must drop balls into holes in the machine’s screen. Another skill based game is Snork’s Trunk, where players move Snork’s trunk over and down to pick up candy, toys or capsules. Other games are more involved, such as the Despicable Me Jelly Lab, where players must push a button at just the right moment to launch a coin.


A ticket redemption game machine is an arcade-style machine that awards players with tickets in proportion to the score Arcade Game Machine they achieve. The player then redeems these tickets at a redemption center for prizes, usually low-cost candy or small plastic toys. The more tickets the player earns, the higher the prize they can obtain.

These machines are generally geared toward younger crowds because of the nature of the prizes that they offer. However, older patrons may enjoy them as well if the games appeal to their interests. Redemption games can also be a great way to drive traffic and revenue at your establishment.

Take Your Vending or Gaming Setup to the Next Level with this Multicoin Acceptor Vending Machine Electronic Arcade Game Ticket Redemption Mechanism

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Designed by Benchmark Games, Monster Drop is a fun and exciting ticket redemption machine that offers tons of action. The player must time the drop of a high energy ball so that it falls through JACKPOT, MYSTERY VALUE, or TICKET WIN VALUE holes for big scores and bonus opportunities! If the ball drops in a bonus target, the player can also win extra ball drops and mountains of tickets!


The primary audience for a ticket redemption game machine is children and their parents. They are the customers that drive traffic to the arcade game business. Often the parent wants a high value experience and the child wants lots of tickets and fun. The challenge is satisfying both of these needs at the same time.

Redemption games use bright lights, catchy music and flashing graphics to attract children, while prize items range from small toys and candy to gaming consoles and even trips. These prizes are designed to be addictive and entice the children to play again and again to try to improve their scores and win more tickets.

Choosing the right combination of hit frequency, price per play and ticket payout % is a delicate art that requires understanding your demographic and adapting to it. For example, a game with a very low entertainment value such as a coin pusher should have a very high hit frequency and a lower ticket payout % than a game with much higher entertainment value, such as a basketball or soccer shooter.

Many manufacturers don’t research how their games will be operated in the real world, so factory settings should not be relied upon. Fine tuning the ticket redemption concept is an art that takes time, but once understood it can create happy patrons and maximize profit at the same time.

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