Air Hockey Coin Operated

Air Hockey Coin Operated

Air hockey is an arcade game that’s a fun test of reaction and skill. Whether you’re looking for a table for your home games room, commercial venue, or office break area, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Bring the thrill of a real arena to your home or business with this coin-op air hockey table. It features overhead scoring and realistic lighting.


Air hockey is a tabletop game where players compete to score goals against one another on a low-friction surface. The game is played with two hand-held discs (“mallets”) and a small plastic puck. The puck suspends on a thin cushion of air produced from tiny holes built into the table surface, and this minimizes friction by mimicking the lubricated sliding motion of an ice hockey puck across an ice rink. The game is very similar to pong but is generally considered to be more challenging and skill-testing due to the higher speed of the puck.

Top World Coin Operated Air Hockey ( 4 Players )

This attractive Taiwan made high quality arcade coin operated air hockey table has awesome LED lighting legs, color lighting along to corner and brilliant LEDs surround puck releases, it can play up to 4 players and will be more exciting skill testing air hockey machine for every arcade center. It is a durable and strong table with polycarbonate non-scratch play field and aluminum body for long term use. It also comes with overhead digit score board for quick and easy reading of scores.

Bring the excitement of the NHL arena to your location with the newest innovation from Valley Dynamo. The Arena Overhead-Scoreboard and realistic game sounds draw attention and keep customers playing. This table is compact and features a full-motion LED lighting of the playfield and edge rails that flash red or blue to let everyone know who’s scoring.


The use of pucks in air hockey coin operated is a key element to the game. Whether you are looking for a fast-paced table that will challenge even the most serious air hockey coin operated players or a quiet game to relax with family and friends, an air hockey table is an excellent choice. The game’s popularity has spawned several manufacturers, so you can find an air hockey table that suits your budget and style.

The basic game of air hockey is simple, but you can add a lot more to the experience with electronic scoring, lights and sound effects. You can even buy tables that offer multiple games, such as foosball or table tennis. These tables are typically more expensive than single-game models, but can add a great deal of value to your home.

Pucks in air hockey coin operated have a skirt around their perimeter that traps the air blown up through the table surface. This skirt creates a uniform pressure under the puck and inside of it, creating an upward force that causes the puck to hover. If the skirt becomes chipped or nicked, the powered air can escape and the puck will lose its lift.

The game is played by two players using a special striker to push a flat plastic disc (puck) into the opponent’s goal. The first player to score a specified number of goals wins the match. Air hockey tables are often located in public spaces, such as bars and arcades. They are also popular in homes, offices and other clubs.

Scoring system

Air hockey is one of those games that most people sort of know how to play, even as kids. The basic gist is to crash your paddles across the table in an attempt to throw the puck into your opponent’s goal. However, if you want to take your game to the next level, there are some rules that you should know.

Air hockey tables typically include a smooth playing surface designed to minimize friction, a surrounding rail that prevents the puck and players’ paddles from leaving the table, and slots on either end of the table that serve as goals. They also have a blower that uses compressed air to push the puck across the surface. The pucks are made from plastic and have a small magnetic field that levitates them off the surface of the table. However, the magnetic attraction can be counteracted by metal objects on the surface of the table, which causes braking or change in direction.

The rules of air hockey include a face-off, in which the winner of a coin flip decides which side of the table they will possess first. The game ends when a player scores seven points or the timer runs out. In tournaments, the winner is determined by the player with more goals at the end of the match.

Power source

Air hockey tables require a lot of electricity to operate. The fans underneath the table generate a cushion of air that allows the puck to move without friction. When the table is not plugged in, the puck will create more friction on its surface and will move much slower than when it’s levitating slightly on this layer of air. The table also requires electricity to power the scoring function and other electronic features.

Most modern air hockey tables plug in and run on mains electricity, so they need to be plugged into an electrical socket when not in use. They also need to be periodically cleaned with an off-the-shelf surface cleaner and a cloth, as the holes in the table’s surface can trap dust air hockey coin operated that reduces efficiency. However, it is important to avoid using too much cleaner, as this can block the holes and cause the puck to cling to the table’s surface.

This 8ft Commercial coin operated air hockey table is a great addition to any establishment, bar or arcade and comes ready to draw in the profits with a reliable coin mechanism fitted as standard. It also has a great LED lighting system along the playfield, edges and in the legs of the cabinet to attract attention. A Nayax contactless payment system can be added if required.

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