Air Hockey Coin Operated Pucks

Air Hockey Coin Operated Pucks

Air hockey is a tabletop game that’s popular in arcades, pizza parlors, and community centers. It’s played by a tight-knit community of serious players, and there’s even an Air Hockey World Championship tournament.

Features over head and under table lighting, chasing LED lights, aluminum rails, and a polycarbonate play field. This coin operated air hockey table is a great revenue generator for FEC’s!


Whether you own an air hockey table that requires coin play or not, the right pucks are crucial for optimal gameplay. These pucks are available in a range of sizes to fit the different size tables. Using the wrong pucks can cause slow and frustrating gameplay, because the puck may not be able to glide smoothly over the table surface.

There are also some specialized pucks available for air hockey tables that have specific features. For example, some tables have an electronic scoring system that records the scores of each player and shows them on a screen. Other tables have LED lighting in the playfield and edge rails, which can help attract attention and make the game more exciting.

Choosing the best pucks for your air hockey table can improve both your gaming experience and the longevity of your tables. To avoid costly repairs, it is important to use pucks that are correctly matched to your table’s design and size. For instance, using a larger puck on a smaller table will prevent the puck from sliding properly over the playfield and can potentially jam in the goal mouth or elsewhere. This can be frustrating for players and can result in expensive repairs or replacements. Using a smaller puck on a larger table will also cause slower gameplay.


The blower is the heart of an air hockey table. It moves the surface to create a frictionless playing area for the puck and keeps it moving at a fast pace. It is usually located underneath the table and is powered by a plug-in electrical outlet. The best blowers are designed specifically for air hockey air hockey coin operated tables and provide the optimal air flow for high-level play. This is especially important for competitive tables that are USAA sanctioned and require a specific type of heavy puck to play well.

This Great American replacement blower motor is a good choice for many commercial and home tables that use a 7-foot blower. It also has a fan that is ideal for cooling the surface and works on 110V so you can use it in most locations.

If you’re serious about air hockey then a scoreboard is an essential feature. It helps you stay focused and in the moment during intense games. Keeping track of points manually is distracting and can slow your game down, so look for an electronic scoreboard that automatically keeps track of your progress.

The ICE Games Cosmic Air Hockey table has an exciting UV coated surface and backlight graphics to add visual excitement. This 7-foot table is a great option for an arcade-style gaming room or kids’ playroom. It also features an electronic side-mount scoring system to keep your games running smoothly.


Designed for years of play under harsh arcade conditions, these tough tables are built to last. Fitted with a coin mechanism and various operator controls, they are a surefire hit in any amusement arcade.

Air hockey has been a favorite table game in the gaming world for decades, with the trademark ping of pucks ricocheting around a cushion of air that hovers above the playfield. The powerful air pumps inside the table blow air up through thousands of tiny perforations in the playfield, creating a powerful updraft that lifts the puck so it can glide across the surface with minimal friction.

A typical game of air hockey lasts until one player scores seven goals. While some games use a timer or other methods to determine the winner, playing to seven is the most common way to play this fast-paced game.

There are a variety of different tables available to suit any space and budget. The most expensive are typically made from high-quality materials and have a solid ply cabinet construction. They feature powerful fan motors that create plenty of uplift, allowing players to play for hours without losing control of the puck. Many of these commercial quality tables come with lighting and sound effects to add to the fun. Some are also built for two players to team up and play against each other.


Bring out the fun in any game room with a air hockey coin operated high-quality air hockey table. With many models to choose from, you can find the right table to fit your space and budget. Some tables even offer interchangeable playing surfaces, allowing you to easily switch between a smooth and textured surface.

If you’re looking for a commercial-grade air hockey table, check out the coin-op Super Chexx model. It’s made for arcades, bars, and hockey rinks, with a high-quality aluminum base and electronic LED scoring. It also features a Lexan plastic dome over the play field for durability and safety. This model comes in various colors, so you can choose the one that matches your establishment’s décor. This model is also available in a multi-player version that allows four players to compete against each other.

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