Acoustic Wood Slat Walls

acoustic wood slat walls

Acoustic Wood Slat Walls

Modern interior designs often involve hard, smooth surfaces, which cause the sound waves to bounce off them and create disturbing reverberations. Our acoustic wood slat walls are designed to address this issue and provide a solution that is both stylish and easy to install.

These acoustic wood panels are becoming a popular addition to offices around the world due to their improved aesthetics and functional properties. Read on to learn more about how they work and why you should consider them for your space.

Improved Aesthetics

Wood slat wall panels are an emerging design trend that combines aesthetics with functionality, bringing warmth and depth to rooms while also offering space division and improved acoustics. When used as a feature wall, these panels are easy to install and can be matched with other wooden accents like cabinets or shelving to create an attractive design that will impress guests.

These acoustic wood slat walls are comprised of strips of sustainable forestry materials that are formed together to create a textured modern look, available in a variety of colors and finishes to match any interior design style. They are attached to a recycled acoustic felt panel that effectively absorbs sound and reduces reverberation, making your room quieter and more comfortable.

Unlike the traditional egg carton-style acoustic wall panels that many people think of when they hear the word “soundproofing”, these modern acoustic panels for walls are designed to look as good in homes and offices as they do in recording studios, giving them a more contemporary and stylish appearance than conventional paneling. The slats are made of a lightweight, eco-friendly material that is acoustic and durable, and they can be easily installed on any existing wall.

The acoustic properties of wood slats also work to reduce noise pollution and enhance speech intelligibility, which is especially important for office spaces where people need to be able to communicate clearly with each other. Combined with the natural, earthy beauty of wood, these acoustic panels are a great choice for any office.

Reduced Noise Pollution

Acoustic wood slat walls help acoustic wood slat walls to reduce noise pollution by absorbing and diffusing sound waves. This helps to lower the levels of unwanted noise and echoes, making it easier for people in the room to communicate clearly and work effectively together.

The way acoustic wood slat panels work is simple. They consist of slats made from luxury wood veneered medium-density fibreboard that are spaced apart to create gaps, trapping sound waves. Behind these slats is an acoustic fabric and insulation layer that further absorb and diffuse the noise. This is why acoustic wood panels have a high NRC rating, which means that they can significantly lower noise levels in a room.

As well as reducing the noise level, acoustic wood slat wall panels are also a good choice for office spaces because they can improve speech intelligibility. This helps to make it easy for employees in different offices or departments to understand each other, and this can lead to better collaboration and productivity.

Our acoustic wood slat panel range is beautifully designed and comes with premium acoustic properties. It can be easily applied to both walls and ceilings, with modern styling personified in every way. The natural wood range is produced using a high-quality, smooth veneer and comprises clean and contemporary looking lamella strips that are mounted onto a unique design of recycled acoustic felt material. This allows for fast and easy installation to completely transform your space.

Better Acoustics

Unlike regular wall panels, wood slat walls are designed to be both visually stunning and functional. The slats absorb sound waves and diffuse them, reducing the disturbing echo and reverberations that can affect a space. This improves the quality of acoustic wood slat walls communication and makes it easier to watch movies or listen to music.

Acoustical wood slat walls are becoming increasingly popular in modern office spaces because they provide an effective solution to noise pollution and enhance the acoustics of a room. They are easy to install, and they can fit into various design styles and preferences. They also reduce the amount of noise that travels from one area to another, allowing employees to work comfortably and productively.

While conventional soundproofing methods involve costly and invasive amendments to your home or office, acoustic wood slat walls offer a more effective and affordable alternative. They are made of a natural, woody material that can be easily customized to suit your aesthetic preferences and can be installed without the need for professional assistance.

The Posh Wood Charred Oak series of acoustic wood slat wall panels combine style and sustainability to create a refined aesthetic that enhances any living or working space. The charred oak veneer finish is beautiful and durable, while the black felt background offers excellent sound absorption. The slats are attached to the felt with lamella strips for a clean and modern appearance. These panels are lightweight and can be installed by anyone with a few basic tools, including a small fine saw for cutting, a hammer, and nails.

Easy to Install

Unlike textured wallpaper, acoustic wood slat walls are lightweight and easy to install. They can be glued directly onto the wall using a construction glue or grab adhesive, or screwed into place. The process is quick and easy, requiring only basic tools like a hammer, nails, and a small fine saw for cutting. Ensure that the wall surface is smooth and free of any cracks or gaps before beginning the installation process.

Acoustic wood slat walls use the beauty of natural forestry materials to create a contemporary and elegant look. Their slats are fitted on top of an acoustic felt panel that weakens sounds to reduce noise pollution and eliminate reverberation. The result is a quieter environment that will make you feel relaxed and calm.

Aside from their sound-absorbing properties, these wooden wall panels are also easy to clean and maintain. They can be wiped down with a damp cloth to remove dirt, dust, and fingerprints. They can also be painted or stained with a variety of colours to suit any style. You can even choose to have your acoustic wood slat panels custom-made to fit the size and design of your space. They’re a great choice for anyone who wants to upgrade their home or office without breaking the bank. This is a stylish, eco-friendly option that will transform your room into the quiet oasis you’ve always wanted.

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