Types of Soccer Uniforms

Types of Soccer Uniforms

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When it comes to soccer uniforms, there are several types that you can choose from. The first two options are the home and away kits, while the third option is the reversible kit. There are also sublimated and authentic kits.


Reversible soccer uniforms are a great choice for recreational teams and programs. They save half the space that traditional soccer jerseys take up and come in a variety of colors. This is particularly useful when you’re traveling to a game, as it can cut down on your luggage.

The top notch reversible soccer jerseys come in 100-denier nylon mesh, a material known for its moisture-wicking properties. There are also high quality, low-maintenance alternatives made from polyester dri-fit fabric. These fabrics are not only functional, but they also offer a stylish and sporty look.

The most popular reversible jerseys are those crafted by the renowned German brand, Umbro. They are designed to provide comfort and style, and to help players perform at their best. Several of the most famous soccer clubs have been fitted with these kits, including Real Madrid, Chelsea, Cruz Azul, Manchester United, and Arsenal.

Not to be overlooked is the reversible v-neck jersey. It’s crafted from Dry-Excel(tm) polyester reversible closed-hole mesh, which helps to fight odors and keep moisture away from the body. In addition to the reversible’s two-layers, there’s also a 1×1 rib-knit collar, raglan sleeves, and a rib-knit sleeve hem. With a total of six pockets, you’ll be able to keep all your essentials in one place, without sacrificing your favorite team’s signature colors.

Of course, you may also want to check out the latest and greatest in reversible soccer uniforms, like the FreeStyle Sublimated Reversible V-Neck Soccer Jersey, which features Dry-Excel(tm) polyester, a reversible closed-hole mesh that’s both stylish and functional.


Soccer is the world’s most popular sport. During games, teams of players encourage each other and play together. Teams are also encouraged to show their team spirit by sporting uniforms. Having a custom sublimated soccer uniform can add to your team’s appearance. Using a sublimated jersey allows for better performance and greater flexibility.

Unlike screen-printed jerseys, a sublimated uniform will not wear or fade after months of use. In fact, sublimation jerseys are designed to last for a number of seasons, allowing your team to continue wearing them year after year.

A sublimated jersey can have multiple colors, gradients and textures. Using a sublimated jersey can save a lot of money in the long run. It’s not uncommon for a team to find that using a custom sublimated uniform can save them up to $100 per player over the course of several seasons.

While it may sound like a marketing gimmick, sublimation is a legitimate manufacturing process. Printed designs are then pressed onto a fabric at a high temperature. The resulting heat infuses color into the fabric.

One of the benefits of a sublimated jersey is that it is breathable. This is important for athletes who may sweat a lot during games. Chlorine bleach and UV rays can also cause a sublimated jersey to fade. To prevent the sun from bleaching your jersey, it’s best to keep it in the shade or dry it off with warm water.


Authentic soccer uniforms have a special connective power that is unique to the sport. They are breathable and sweat-wicking. Their design has a slim fit, making it easier for the player to perform in the game. A jersey that is not made from this type of material is called a replica.

There are many options to choose from when shopping for an authentic soccer jersey. Depending on your budget, you can find a range of designs and styles. However, be wary of any deals that seem too good to be true.

While there are several different brands of authentic soccer jerseys, you can be sure that they all feature the same athletic soccer uniform style and a slim fit. The difference between an authentic and replica jersey is the quality of the materials, their color and the badges.

Authentic Jerseys tend to cost more than their replica counterparts. However, you can also find affordable versions of these sportswear items. Some of the cheaper options may have everything printed on the shirt, while others may have the same logos but are made of mesh.

Replica jerseys are mainly made of polyester. Polyester is a man-made synthetic fabric that is tightly bonded, preventing it from easily unraveling.

A replica kit is great for pick-up games. It is resistant to beer spills and expletive-shouting. When fitted properly, they look sharp.

Buying an authentic soccer jersey can bring you the closest connection to your favorite team or player. Several companies make authentic kits that are approved by your team.

Home kit

The home kit for soccer uniforms are typically the primary color of the team. But sometimes a team will have an away kit as well. An away kit is used if the opponent’s home kit is too similar to the home kit. It’s also a way to show differentiating factors between the teams.

The United States home uniform, designed by Nike, pays homage to the diverse heritage of the nation. Its red, white and blue colors are a timeless classic.

The Nike United States 2022 World Cup collection features a red, white and blue all-over ice-dyed print. This design inspires athletes to embrace the youth of the nation.

Another Nike USA 2022 World Cup kit is the away kit. It’s tie-dye and features a U.S. Soccer crest in the middle. Besides its red and blue color scheme, the shirt is all-white, and the sleeves have blue and red stripes.

Aside from the U.S. Soccer and Nike 2022 World Cup kits, two other teams in Qatar will have their own kits. For Iran, the company dropped Adidas to manufacture its own 2022 World Cup kits.

Puma, on the other hand, has been designing kits for the World Cup. The company has made its presence known with the release of its own home and away kits.

Argentina, Belgium, and Japan are among the nations that have adopted an interesting and creative design for their kits. Uruguay, which hasn’t had a new kit since 2002, could also change its uniforms before the tournament.

Away kit

Away soccer uniforms are a bit different than home kits. While some leagues mandate their teams to wear an away kit, others may not. There is also a difference in the design of the uniforms.

The most common road uniform is white in the National Hockey League and gridiron football. But it is possible to find a jersey in another color.

Some teams have even produced throwback versions of their old-fashioned kits. For example, Napoli wore an alternate kit against Arsenal in 2013.

Unlike home kits, which are generally the primary colors for a team, away kits are a secondary color. The idea behind this is to distinguish one team from the other.

In terms of technology, the best way to make an away kit is to use a secondary color. For example, Germany’s away kit is based on its national flag, green.

When it comes to football kits, some are more creative than others. Manchester United has a third kit that is a good example.

Aside from the usual cleats and shorts, soccer players also need to wear shin guards. Shin guards are designed to protect the player from getting injured. It is important to fit the shin guards to the correct size. You can get them at any sports store.

During a game, there are 11 starters on the field. Typically, the kit guy will have three different jerseys for each player. This is to prevent confusion for spectators, officials and the players.

Third kit

A third kit is a type of soccer uniform. It is worn by a team during a soccer uniform match and is designed to avoid color clashes. Traditionally, it is an alternative to a team’s primary and away kits.

A third kit is typically different in color to the opposing teams’ home and away kits. In the Premier League, clubs are permitted to submit colour choices ahead of a game. If the choice is approved, a team can wear an alternative third kit during the match. The minimum cost for a third kit is around $50.

Third kits may not be a particularly fashionable piece of gear, but they can be a useful tool. They help to distinguish players from match officials and prevent colour clashes.

The third kit has been around since the Thirties. It was originally conceived as a way to separate an away team’s home and away kit. Today, it is a staple of professional European association football.

While third kits can be boring and uninspiring, they can also be highly creative. For example, Juventus’ kaleidoscope pattern and adidas’ striped white and blue jersey are notable.

Another good third kit is the “Dark Light” Nike kit from Paris Saint-Germain. The kit features bright pink player names and body armour-style panels of breathable mesh.

Other examples include Crystal Palace’s striped dark blue and red third kit, and Leicester’s intricate net-like graphic. Tottenham’s third kit includes a graphic print inspired by the history of Venice.

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