Other Arcade Parts

Other Arcade Parts

Other Arcade Parts include Steering wheel, Throttle pedal, Control panels, Monitors, and Coin slots. These items are all essential to the functioning of your game. There are even a few that can be replaced if they are malfunctioning.

Control panels

In the past, arcade game controls were straight buttons. Today, there are numerous choices for pushbuttons. The best control panels are equipped with electronics and can interface with any hardware. They’re also easier to install than traditional electrical systems.

If you’re planning to build or convert an arcade cabinet, the control panel is probably the most important part. It will let you adjust the cabinet’s layout, so that it’s appropriate for the games you want to play. You can also get overlays, which are decorative touches that display the artwork for the various games on the panel.

A control panel can have as many as four joysticks, six buttons, and a handful of other features. For instance, the one shown in the image above has a key to select the number of players. There are also several buttons with utility functions, like select/start for computer games, or coin/start for arcades.

Some control panels are also encased in metal boxes with a lockable door. While these aren’t the most visually appealing, they’re easier to install than a traditional electrical system. Plus, the box protects your game components from the elements. Also, surge arresters prevent damage from overvoltage.

Another important aspect of the control panel is the room for buttons. These should be no smaller than 1.5 inches apart, although rounded patterns are a good way to deal with wide ones. This space is important because you need room to place your hand and move with the joystick.


Arcade monitors are used to display game graphics and visual elements. These monitors may be located in the game cabinet, or they may be integrated into the cabinet. Generally, the largest size of an arcade monitor is around 20 inches.

Some older games used vector monitors. This technology involves a special technique to produce high resolution images. However, it requires a powerful system to be able to process the image quickly enough to provide critical game instructions.

Another type of monitor is a high refresh rate monitor. The term “high refresh rate” refers to the amount of times the screen can display a new image per second. While standard monitors typically have a refresh rate of 60Hz, a 144Hz display can refresh the screen 144 times per second.

There are many different types of high refresh rate monitors. The best monitors have the capability to provide a smooth and fluid gaming experience, and they can offer significant improvements over standard monitors.

In addition to having a high refresh rate, a monitor should also be able to display images at a fast system rate. In other words, a CPU and GPU must be able to rapidly process the image so that the monitor can provide a high frame rate. A CPU that isn’t fast enough will not be able to process the image quickly enough and the image won’t look smooth.

If you have an old Other Arcade Parts arcade game, you might want to consider replacing the monitor. Usually, you can buy a replacement at a distributor, but it’s recommended that you contact a professional tech.

Coin slots

Coin slots, which are used to hold coins, tokens, and other small objects, are commonplace on arcade machines. In many cases, the coin slot is found below the control panel. Sometimes, the coin slot is replaced with a card reader.

The most obvious and least obvious functions of a coin slot are its ability to accept coins and to hold tokens. While the holder may be simple enough, the actual operation can be quite complex. If the holder is defective, it can be a nightmare to fix. However, some manufacturers offer additional connectors to make the process easier.

Another common feature is the marquee, which is often a backlit or brightly colored graphic. It is often an effective way of displaying the game’s name and logo. Some models include a low voltage light to illuminate the coin slot.

Aside from the coin slot, there are several other items to consider, such as the slam switch, which is a common feature on coin operated slot machines. This is a device that prevents the player from triggering poorly wired coin switches. Generally, the slam switch is made up of two or three metal strips with weights on one end.

As with any item that is worth buying, it can be hard to find the right fit. Fortunately, there are several companies that specialize in making authentic arcade parts. These include Wells Gardner and the Coin Controls company.

Steering wheel

If you’re looking to get into racing games, then you might want to invest in a steering wheel. These are great peripherals for your PC or console and provide an immersive experience.

If you’re looking for a high-end wheel, then check out the Thrustmaster T500RS. This wheel is compatible with PC, Xbox, PlayStation 3, and PS4. You’ll find a brushed metal faceplate, a realistic 30 cm diameter, two-position steering wheel, and sequential shift paddles.

Another option is the GRS Arcade Spinner. It is a durable plastic, sweat-resistant steering wheel that offers non-slip control. The design allows you to easily secure the unit to the front of the control panel.

The center of Other Arcade Parts the wheel is made of heavy-duty aluminum. There is a fan that ejects hot air from the top of the unit.

While the center of the wheel is heavy, it is still very comfortable to use. The force feedback provided is not as strong as the Fanatec servos, but it is still smooth and strong enough to make you feel like you’re driving a real car.

Logitech is a popular brand for steering wheels. They’ve been producing quality controllers for a couple of decades now. Their wheels are available in a wide variety of prices.

The G923 steering wheel is a good performance wheel. It is not as expensive as direct competitors, but it’s also not as cheap. However, the G923’s lower price tag doesn’t come at the expense of quality.

Throttle pedal

Getting a new set of arcade parts can be like winning a game of Monopoly, you have to get the best of the best in order to win. The big question is which ones will make the cut? Luckily, we have an ace up our sleeve, so to speak. With the right selections, you can score a swagger worthy setup that is sure to please any crowd. This includes the aforementioned prize winners, the neophyte crowd, and those who have a penchant for a flutter. Not to mention, you can’t go wrong with a quality set of arcade parts to boot. And the best part is, you can find all the above mentioned items at the best possible price. Hence, why don’t you snag a set of new parts today?

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