Strength and Durability in Water Park Equipment

Strength and Durability in Water Park Equipment

water park equipment

When it comes to water park equipment, durability and strength are paramount factors. A high-quality product will provide more fun and less maintenance. Advanced materials also allow for easier design flexibility, resulting in more creative features and improved guest experiences. They are also lighter, which means lower installation and upgrade costs. Some of the best options include arch jets, which feature a series of water nozzles flowing sideways to create a unique look. Children of all ages will love this type of attraction.

Aqua Adventura

Aqua Adventura is a water park with 20 different elements and varying difficulty levels. Each level tests a visitor’s strength, agility, balance, and endurance. Some of the water park equipment is as tall as 15 meters, and they’re all a unique challenge for park visitors. The water park is located in Columbus, Ohio, and is a great place to spend a day with your family.

Play structures can include sensory activities like steering a pirate ship, soaking in a jet, or jumping into a deep pool. Bubble jets are a great addition to any aqua park because they give your guests an amazing sensory experience! These spray features are also available in a variety of splashworthy designs.

Water Park sessions are supervised by Aqua Guides who water park equipment are first aid certified. Sessions start every hour and last for 50 minutes. Unlimited day passes include a 10-minute break between sessions. Before entering the water park, guests must sign a waiver and be of legal swimming age. It is also recommended that participants arrive at least 30 minutes early to get orientation.


The Aquatix water park equipment line includes splash pads, ground sprays, and special effects for the most exciting water play environment. These products are available in fiberglass and stainless steel and can be customized to fit your specific needs. Many of the items also feature LED light shows for additional fun and excitement. Whether you are planning a water park for your local community or looking to expand your business, Aquatix has a solution for you.

Aquatix has extensive experience designing and implementing aquatic play environments, offering total support services from concept to completion. Services include complimentary 3-D design services, construction drawings, and local permitting. In addition, Aquatix can provide system installation, training, and ongoing support. The company’s experts can also advise on water park equipment maintenance and repair.

Aquatix is a UL-listed water park equipment system integrator. The company offers custom systems for water parks that integrate water play equipment from different manufacturers. This includes their patent-pending HydroLogix(r) System, a non-electric water delivery system. These systems are ideal for water parks that need the most efficient and effective equipment to maximize revenue.

Global Water Park Equipment market is projected to reach USD million by 2028, with North America and Europe leading the way. Asia-Pacific is also expected to grow significantly in the coming years. Major companies in the water park equipment industry include Aquatix, Kraftsman Play, Rain Drop, and Long Matic.


The Aquadek water park equipment line includes a variety of splash features. Some features include bubble jets, which are simple in concept but endlessly entertaining. Other splash features include the Aquapalm SL, which has no moving parts and is ideal for spray parks with little standing water. This line of water park equipment provides a lifetime warranty against corrosion.

The company designs and manufactures water park equipment for theme parks and waterparks worldwide. Their 20,000-square-foot facility is dedicated to the development of interactive, creative concepts, and durable products. A recent exhibition showcased a variety of their products. In addition to their extensive line of water park equipment, the company provides water park equipment for residential parks and campgrounds.

Aquadek water park equipment is available in both fiberglass and stainless steel. These water playground equipment products include multiple jet features, water tunnels, and spray rings. Their designs are flexible and can be customized to suit your unique water park theme. The company also offers support services for design, permitting, and installation. The sales team at Aquatix is knowledgeable and will help you choose the best water park equipment for your needs.

The new Aquadek water park equipment offers a range of interactive water features that encourage kids to explore the water in new ways. Interactive water features such as the Aquawizz hand wheel let kids choose between three different types of spray effects. Other water features include the Aquastream, which creates a gentle water curtain, and the Aquafountain, which sends down streams of water. A moulded seat for babes is also available for use in the Baby Bungee. Another water play structure that is great for toddlers is the Aquadome, which includes interactive laminar jets.


Water parks need water play equipment. Water toys come in many different materials, which vary in strength and safety. Inadequately made water park equipment can pose a range of health and safety risks including heat buildup from the sun, hard landings, electrical conductivity and shock hazards. It is always better to purchase stronger equipment to ensure long-term performance and reduce repair and maintenance costs. In addition, quality equipment will resist corrosion in water.

Aqua Toys’ range of water park equipment includes a variety of plug-and-play units that can be installed in no time. They do not require a complicated foundation or piped water feed. In addition, they require a minimum six inches of water surrounding them. Adding these fun water park equipment pieces will ensure a unique and visually appealing aqua park for your guests.

Empex Watertoys

Empex Watertoys is a privately held international corporation that designs and manufactures aquatic playground equipment. The company has been in business since 1986 and provides aquatic playground equipment to amusement parks, hotels, resorts, zoos, military bases, and municipal parks. Their products are marketed worldwide and include splash pads, slides, and other water toys.

Their water park equipment is built to last and is backed by water park equipment a 30-year structural warranty. Additionally, their equipment is made of only limited metal components for a lighter, more environmentally friendly product. They also offer lifetime corrosion guarantees. Whether you are looking to build a splash pad, water slide, Empex has the perfect water park equipment for you!

The Aquatropica line of waterpark equipment features aquatic animals and tropical plants. It is designed for children from ages three to twelve. Many of these attractions are interactive, and they feature hand wheels, slides, and other features that keep kids entertained for hours. Their equipment also features low electrical and heat conductivity. In addition, all of their products are chlorine-resistant.

Empex Watertoys water park equipment is durable and easy to install. Its lightweight construction and composite construction provides the ideal combination of low heat and electrical conductivity. The company’s water park equipment is also easy to maintain and comes with a lifetime warranty. Furthermore, these items are easy to dismantle and re-install. Empex also offers a wide variety of theme options.

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