A Quick Review of Bluesky Building Contractor Gel

Develop your own nails with Bluesky Home Builder Gel. This fast-curing formula features a brush-on applicator and also a 2-minute completely dry time. The protective UV covering permits as much as two weeks of wear, with no dangerous impacts. Right here is a fast introduction of this outstanding product for nail art lovers.

Bluesky Home Builder Gel:

Bluesky Contractor Gel is an advanced all-in-one product for nail enhancements that combines the strength of a builder with the flexibility of a gel. This is a game-changer for strong, long-lasting, UV and LED cured nails. Bluesky Builder Gel can be applied under acrylics or over natural nails.

Bluesky Home Builder Gel is a special gel that can be used to add stamina or quantity, depending on the nail technician’s nail art technique. It can also be utilized as a skim coat prior to using nail polish.

Technical Info:

The Bluesky Contractor Gel includes various types of polymer for increased attachment as well as flexibility. The item contains no solvents or chemical odors as well as does not leave bubbles after drying, so it can be easily eliminated with any kind of solvent cleaner.

Bluesky Building Contractor Gel needs to be applied to completely dry nails and treated under UV Light for 2-3 minutes.

Bluesky Builder Gels offer:

  • A remarkable adhesion of the synthetic nail plate to the all-natural nail.
  • Makes certain a long-lasting manicure without any lifting or cracking of the synthetic nail plate.
  • Nails are solid and resilient while simultaneously being adaptable and also comfortable to use.

Bluesky Building contractor Gels can be utilized:

  • On natural nails as a base for artificial nail expansions (French manicure).
  • In mix with artificial nails as a strengthening layer on all-natural nails that tend to divide or damage easily (fragile nails).
  • As a sealant after artificial nail

Key Perks as well as Information:

  • Slim structure, excellent fluidness.
  • Use with a paper tray, very easy to shape.
  • Excellent durability, challenging to damage.

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