The Best Quality Water Glass Casting Equipment

Lantian precision casting and machining is a foundry based in China that was established in 1997. It has a total of four manufacturing bases in which the best quality casting products are produced. They have a strong technical team made up of experts and professionals that make unique designs of their products. Their products are well-known among their customers due to their durability.

It produces supreme quality products of the categories beneath:-

  • Stainless steel casting.
  • Low alloy steel casting.
  • Water glass casting.
  • Silica sol casting.
  • Carbon steel casting.

Water glass casting products are made up of carbon steel, alloy, steel, and stainless steel materials. The equipment that is used in water glass casting are a wax injector, shot blasting machine, paint mixer, chain-shot blasting, welding transformers, induction furnace, hydraulic press, and air compressor, etc.

The following is the process through which water glass casting products are produced:-

At first, the wax liquid is taken and moistened. The granulate substance floats upon the machine, which is then drenched. There is an automatic water controller. The dust remover removes the granules. Further processing is done with the equipment of CNC machining. After a particular shape is given to the products, its surface is made smoother through polishing, covering it with anodizing powder, electroplating, galvanizing, sandblasting, and blackening. Furthermore, the product is inspected for being 100% flawless. Their services are 24 by 7.

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